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RE:Source: Your online guide for Reuse, Repair, Recycling and Safe Disposal

RE:Source guide is an online search tool that provides answers for what to do with the things you no longer need. Find out all about recycling, reuse & repair alternatives and comprehensive curbside service information. 

The Watershed Project: Water Quality Map of Contra Costa County

The Watershed Project works with community groups and volunteers to monitor the health of creeks in Contra Costa County. This site explores the data they’ve collected, as well as additional data collected by other groups.

Contra Costa County has over 20 major creeks, as identified by the Contra Costa County Watershed Atlas. Spread out through natural and urban spaces, these waterways exist in several forms: natural, concrete, or underground. An estimated 35% of the land that drains to these creeks is made up of impervious surfaces such as roads and houses, which contributes to runoff pollution during storms, as the rain is not able to filter through the soil.

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