About Pinole Creek Allies

We provide community members with resources to connect to our watershed and become allies of Pinole Creek.

Please join us for monthly creek cleanups at different locations in the watershed. See our Monthly Cleanups Page for cleanup data, and subscribe to our email list for event details.

The goal of the Pinole Creek Allies movement is to engage community in innovative ways to address trash in order to reduce impacts on the creek.

This includes cleanups, a campaign to elevate the importance of a trash-free creek, City government-led projects and Pinole Creek Ally awards.

Pinole Creek Allies is an extension of a 2020-2022 Thriving Earth Exchange and American Geophysical Union project that assessed the nature and amount of trash along the main stem of Pinole Creek.

Project partners included Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed, Pinole Valley High School Earth Team, Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, the City of Pinole, East Bay Municipal Utilities District and Ellerhorst Elementary School.

The Pinole Creek Watershed is a unique watershed whose waters flow through the East Bay hills and the town of Pinole before entering the San Pablo Bay. Historically, the creek was home to native anadromous steelhead trout that nested in the upper watershed. The upper watershed remains relatively undeveloped and with the completion of several major projects, steelhead are returning. However, as Pinole has grown, so have threats to Pinole Creek’s environmental health.

As Pinole Creek flows from the upper watershed to San Pablo Bay, it picks up a disheartening amount of trash due to littering and illegal dumping of household trash and larger items such as furniture and vehicle tires. Pinole has an active community of unsung heroes that gather trash as they walk along the creek, which suggests that keeping the creek trash-free is important to them. 

Everyone has a role to play!